SCPC Services

History and Mission of SCPCC

Seasonal Farmworker Program - Under the guidance and regulation of the Georgia State Office of Rural Health and the Georgia Dept. of Community Health, the SCPC Seasonal Farm Worker program's mission is to improve the health quality of Georgia’s migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families by providing cost-effective, culturally appropriate, preventive and primary healthcare services, and by arranging for other levels of healthcare through collaboration and advocacy.

As an FQHC, South Central Primary Care’s Seasonal Farm Worker program successfully increases access to care promotes quality and cost-effective care, improves patient outcomes, and is uniquely positioned to spread the benefits of community-based and patient-centered care to our Seasonal Farm Workers and their families.

SCPC SFW Program provides comprehensive services that address the major healthcare needs of the target population and ensure the availability and accessibility of essential primary and preventive health services, including as appropriate, oral health, mental/behavioral health, and substance abuse services.

For More Information Contact our Farmworker Outreach Coordinator: Yeni Hayes 912-592-0735.